First GizChina ROM for ZOPO ZP600 + 3D by Marsapa!

First GizChina ROM for ZOPO ZP600 + 3D octacore by Marsapa!

The 3D displays for smartphones have not been a great success, but Zopo, with its Zopo ZP600 + 3D, has decided to try again, offering an international smartphone launched initially only in China.

Could we have refrained from offering you a GIZCHINA ROM also for this device? Absolutely not! Thanks to Marsapa, in fact, today we present the first GizChina ROM for Zopo zp600 + 3D!

Below you will find the change log of the incredible new work of the talented Modder, a new one GizRom based on Android 4.2.2 STOCK, which therefore it will not invalidate the guarantee, as long as the ZP600 is purchased on!

GizRom made in GizChina moddate from marsapa

Here are some screenshots of the new GizRom:

First GizChina ROM for ZOPO ZP600 + 3D octacore by Marsapa!

First GizChina ROM for ZOPO ZP600 + 3D octacore by Marsapa!

The ROM is pre-rooted and the installation must be performed by means of recovery, but not before having flashed the same Flash Tool.

The following images are to be considered "exemplifying" of the operations, as they refer to the flash procedure performed on the Zopo Zp990. For this reason you will notice inconsistencies in file and folder names.

No fear! The operations to be performed are exactly the same!

Download the new one GizChina ROM Marsapa for Zopo ZP600 + 3D!

Change Log ROM for Zopo ZP600 + 3D by Marsapa

  1. Android 4.2.2 stock;
  2. deodex;
  3. Zipalign;
  4. pre-root;
  5. xposed framework;
  6. gravitybox;
  7. XBlaster;
  8. OgBattery;
  9. Sony Walkman;
  10. Viber4Android;
  11. Nova Launcher instead of stock;
  12. new default wallpaper;
  13. app removed in Chinese;
  14. various pre-installed apps.

What you need to install the Prima GizChina ROM on Zopo ZP600 + 3D:

  1. A computer with the MT6589T (MT6582) drivers pre-installed: MT6589T universal drivers;
  2. Recovery + scatter to load it on Flash Tool;
  3. SP Flashtool: Flash_Tool_v3.1316.0.150;
  4. And of course the GizChina ROM Marsapa for Zopo ZP600 + 3D.

Here is a brief guide to installation:

PART ONE: MT6582 Driver Installation for ZOPO ZP600 + 3D

mt6589t driver zp990

The first step to perform, as always, is the installation of the MT6582 Drivers on your computer. Obviously skip this step if you have already installed MT6582 drivers on your PC!

Download the archive with the Universal drivers for MT6582 at point (1) and start the executable "UniversalAdbDriverSetup6":

Installing Mt589T Universal Drivers

NB: the ideal Operating System to run this guide is Windows XP, but it also works on Windows 8 (tested by myself). I recommend you to run the various files always clicking with the right mouse button and choosing "run as administrator".

An alternative way to install MT6582 drivers on your PC is via the SnapPea software, downloadable here.

Installing Mt589T Universal Drivers

If the procedure for installing the universal MT6582 drivers was successful (see image above), you can proceed with the next step!

PART TWO: Installation Recovery on Zopo ZP600 + 3D with Flash Tool

Once the drivers are installed, you just have to flash the recovery with the Flash Tool. Let's see how to do it!

For the flash you can follow the guidelines shown in this video showing how to flash the new firmware with Flash Tool on ZOPO ZP990 C7:

First, unpack the Flash_tool archive (3 point) and the Recovery archive, which also contains the scatter, (2 point) on a folder (for example, on the desktop).

Go to the "SP_Flash_Tool_XXXXXX" folder and right-click on the "Flash_tool" executable and, if you are using Windows 8, select "run as administrator":


At this point Flash_tool will open:


Load the scatter by clicking on "scatter-loading”And then select the scatter file present in the Recovery folder, previously downloaded and unpacked on the desktop.

Flash_tool_ZopoZP990Selecting the "scatter" we will display this, but with only the RECOVERY box flagged (I remind you, in fact, that with this operation we are flashing only the RECOVERY):

Flash_tool_ZopoZP990It is important to underline that the operations described so far are all to be performed with telephone NOT connected to the PC.

At this point it is necessary to click on Download (the option between “Firmware -> Upgrade” and “Stop”) to start the actual “flash” operation.

Once you have clicked on the “Download” button, connect the ZP600 + 3D without battery to your computer. If you have performed the previous operations correctly, you will see progress bars in the lower part of the Flash Tool window. Do not disconnect the phone from the PC during this operation and wait for the end of the same, that is until a window with a green circle appears (see photo).


Compliments! You have just installed the recovery on your new Zopo Zp600 + 3D and at this point it will be possible to flash the new GIZCHINA ROM. Let's see how to do it!

How to install the new GizChina ROM for Zopo zp600 + 3D via recovery

  1. Download the zipped file (4 point) and copy it to the phone memory;
  2. Restart the device in recovery by simultaneously pressing the "power button" and "volume up";
  3. Once entered into recovery, perform the "wipe cache partition" and the "wipe data / factory reset" come on "Advanced"The"Wipe Dalvik Cache"(The menu items can be scrolled with the + and - keys and the selection is made using the power key);
  4. Install the ROM by clicking "install Zip from SD card / choose zip from internal SD card"And choosing the file previously downloaded and copied to the phone's memory.
  5. After completing the installation operation select "Reboot System";

Compliments! You have just installed the GizChina ROM for Zopo zp600 + 3D by Marsapa!

To view all the GizRom made follow this link!

NB: The operations described on this page and in the linked ones must be carried out with extreme caution. Therefore, the author of the post declines any responsibility regarding consequences of various kinds.

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