Xiaomi aims to double the sales of smartphones; Target 40 million shipments in the 2014


The Chinese Apple and rising international star Xiaomi is planning the "attack plan" of the market next year.

According to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, the company is targeting 40 million smartphone shipments for the 2014. We're talking exactly twice what the company had set for the 2013 (20.000.000 shipments). In a repost of Lei Jun's original message, Li Wangqiang of Xiaomi mentioned that 40 million smartphone set target 30 will be sold directly from Xiaomi, while the remaining 10 million from Xiaomi's Chinese business partners.


Xiaomi's modus operandi is different from that of other Chinese companies. As we saw a few weeks ago Xiaomi generated a real one MIUI ecosystem, which allows it to offer devices at very affordable prices and to generate huge revenues (4.9 millions of dollars a month). No other Chinese telephone manufacturer has a software ecosystem as big as Xiaomi's and all this suggests that even in the 2014 the dominance of the company will tend to strengthen.

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