Launched the new entry-level Acer Liquid Z5 to 169 euro, an inexpensive purchase!

Photo of the new Acer Liquid Z5 smartphone.

In the current panorama of mobile telephony, in which the top of the range are sold at very high prices, the launch price of the new Liquid Z5 (169 euro) does not seems then so high, especially taking into account that the manufacturing company is one of the most renowned in the international technology sector. Yet this Liquid Z5 turns out to be a reality purchase advised against!

The Acer Liquid Z5 was unveiled at CES, where participants had the opportunity to test this device from 5 inches with the poor resolution of 854 x 480, managed by a processor dual-core with 512 MB of RAM memory.

Analyzing the offer of the competition we conclude that, at this price, the Acer Liquid Z5 has no reason to be purchased! The Honor 3C Huawei offers 2GB of RAM, a better performing camera and higher resolution display at only 165 $ (120 euro), while the ZTE Nubia Z5 mini with Snapdragon 600 processor (the same as Galaxy S4 and HTC One) and OIS rear camera is about 250 dollars (182 euros)! On the European market, the Motorola Moto G also offers significantly better performance at a similar price. If you are still interested in throwing your money away, please note that the Z5 will be officially launched in the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands!

Come on, Acer, you can do better!

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