Hisense X1 is a smartphone / tablet with display from 6.8 "and Snapdragon 800!

HiSense x1

Hisense X1 will soon be on sale in China with a large FULLHD display from 6.8 inches and an impressive sheet specification!
The Hisense X1 was created to replace both your smartphone and your tablet, in one go! The device features a 6,8-inch full HD display and a 800 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 2,3 chipset. In addition, the X1 features 2GB of RAM, 4G connectivity (TD-LTE and FDD-LTE) and MHL. The design is inspired by HTC devices, but we could also not call it a clone thanks to the size of the display. Thanks to the supplied bluetooth headset it will be possible to use the device without placing it on the ear (also because it would not be very comfortable!).

HiSense x1

Returning to the specifications sheet, the "PHAB-tablet" also has a rear camera from 13 mega-pixels and front from 5 mega-pixels. Finally, the 3.900 mAh battery should provide adequate autonomy to the Hisense X1.

The device will soon be on sale in China, after the official showcase at CES 2014 currently underway.

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