CES 2014: Mediatek announces the 1 ° system in the world of resonance Wireless Multimode charging

Mediatek - RIsonanza Multimode Wireless charging

The Taiwanese manufacturer Mediatek it's over once again under the limelight. This time, however, not for a processor but for a new solution of multimode wireless charging.

The wireless charging for Android devices is absolutely not new, but the problem of today's prototypes is that they only work with one device at a time and that the device in question to recharge must be positioned at a certain distance (minimum!). The new system of resonance wireless charging performs these problems in one solution, allowing you to charge multiple devices from a single dock without the need for them to actually be placed there.

This new resonance charging system should be integrated by Chinese phones in the coming months. Do not lose sight of the new Asian technologies and above all continue to visit GizChina.it 😉
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