Xiaomi Power Bank (10400 mAh) costs only 8 €!


Only a few hours ago we published the image of a new and mysterious Xiaomi device that has now been unveiled: it is a Power Bank (portable battery) (as we had predicted) by well 10.400 mAh.

This Power Bank will arrive in silver color (we hope the colors are different ...) and will have an aluminum alloy casing. Xiaomi has revealed that the batteries of this Xiaomi Power Bank are produced by manufacturers of the caliber of LG and Samsung.
Chinese consumers will be able to buy this accessory for 11 $ only (about 8 €), we could win it for about 20 $ (14 €) plus shipping.

Xiaomi Power Bank

All in all, for 20 $ it seems like an offer. What do you think? The you will buy?
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