Xiaomi and the MIUI ecosystem, a monthly profit of 4.9 million dollars


Xiaomi has become famous on the mobile stage for the sale of high-end and mid-range smartphones almost at cost price.
Despite this, however, the Peking company has done and certainly in the future will also record collections of absolute value.

No later than 2 days ago, Xiaomi revealed that MIUI users to date would already be more than 30 million. MIUI (pronounced "me-you-eye", I-You-Eye) is the custom-made Android ROM Homemade by Xiaomi, where apps and features are not incorporated into the standard Android stock.
MIUI developers do not support obviously only Xiaomi smartphones, but they also extend their work to other devices.
MIUI users can then easily purchase various services, themes, e-books, games and much more from the official store.

Despite the profits of the MIUI Store come mainly from the domestic market of the company, Xiaomi was able to accumulate in December a profit of about 4,9 million Dollars. A figure that fortunately for the Chinese giant is destined to increase.
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