Window Mini 3G, iPad Mini alternative to 108 euro only


Another alternative toiPad Mini coming from China: the 3G Mini Window with quad-core processor and price of only 108 euro!

Like many other low-cost devices from China, the Mini 3G also comes with a Mediatek chipset. In this case on board the tablet we find the MT8389 processor, the same mounted by Ceros Motion which we reviewed a few weeks ago, which is the equivalent of the MT6589 used by cell phones. The advantage of using the MT8389 chipset lies mainly in the presence of 3G "built-in", unlike most Chinese tablets which, however, do not have this feature.


The other specifications of the Window Mini 3G include 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, rear 5 mega-pixel and front 0,3 mega-pixel camera and a 4.000 mAh battery.
The price of the tablet, as mentioned, is 147 dollars (about 108 euro) and the same is made with aluminum back and with Android 4.2.2 installed.

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