What is TD-SCDMA?

What is TD-SCDMA?

Many of the new TOP GAMMA Chinese phones have recently been launched in China with TD-SCDMA support, but unfortunately many still do not know what it is. What is TD-SCDMA? Is it right to buy a TD-SCDMA phone? Does it work on our network? Below you will find everything you need to know!

What is TD-SCDMA?

The TD-SCDMA is the 3G standard developed and used by China Mobile in the Chinese mainland. When the 3G had just been developed in China, China Mobile decided to develop its own format in order to avoid paying taxes on very expensive patents.
The TD-SCDMA was launched in China on 7 July 2009. TD-SCDMA phones are equipped with a dual-band mode, the main band that works in 3G and the backup band (legacy) in GSM.

What does TD-SCDMA do?

TD-SCDMA stands for "Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access".
Can the TD-SCDMA work in my country?
The answer is very simple and is 'No'. If you want to use one 3G data connection and you do not live in China, TD-SCDMA is not what you need. However, if you do not need 3G and are satisfied with connections 2G / GSM and of the Wi-Fi connection, a TD-SCDMA phone should safely work on most frequencies GSM and, therefore, this means that with this support you can make calls, send text messages and surf the web at speed EDGE (very slow in loading).

Do I have to buy a TD-SCDMA phone?

China Mobile is the company that has the largest number of subscribers in the world. However, this does not rule out that in China their 3G network is not as reliable as China Unicom's WCDMA option.
The only reason we would advise you to purchase a TD-SCDMA phone is if you would like to try out a new TOP GAMMA device immediately after the launch, considering that the China Mobile versions are made by the manufacturers much earlier than those China Unicom.
To all those who instead need the "international" 3G connectivity we recommend buying a WCDMA model, also known as "China Unicom version".

Do you have any questions about the TD-SCDMA?

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding TD-SCMDA phones, do not hesitate to write in the box below!
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