Super TV S40, 39 "LCD SmartTV for only € 180

Super TV S40

Another reason why we who do not live in China will become green with envy is this new SmartTV with 39 inch LCD display, sold only for 1499 ¥ (about 180 €).

The Super TV S40 is a SmartTV with display from 39 inch LCD with resolution Full-HD 1080 and a myriad of features and functions including: HDMI output, 3 ports USB 2.0, processor dual-core from 1Ghz, 1GB RAM e 4GB of storage.
The only flaw is the lack of WIFI and Bluetooth connection ...

Among other things, Chinese consumers can take advantage of the temporary discount to enjoy CNTV broadcasting services at 490 ¥ only.
The price of the Super TV S40 is negligible, only 1499 ¥ (about 180 €)
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