GizChina forecast: Oppo FIND 7 will have a 5.4 ”JDI display

Oppo FIND 7 Lte

We are almost there. The launch of the Oppo FIND 7 should be imminent and, day after day, we are able to discover more details of the phone thanks to the official Oppo teasers and rumors leaked on the web.

Of the display of the Oppo FIND 7 we know that it will have an 2K resolution (like the Live Xplay 3S), but the data concerning the size has not yet been released… we at GizChina bet on an 5.4 inch JDI!

Following instinct, then, we feel that the Oppo FIND 7 will use a display slightly smaller than the Oppo N1, a panel by 5.4 inches made by the Japanese manufacturer JDI.

Oppo FIND 7 display

The size from 5.4 inches could be the right one, both for lovers of "big size" displays, and for those of smaller screens. The latter, in fact, could however accept the not excessive "increase", which in fact would not almost affect the usability of the phone.

As for the screen specifications, JDI announced its 5.4 inch 2K display in October, a 2560 x 1440 resolution panel, 543 PPI pixel density and 69,5 x 1,12 x 126,6 mm dimensions.

Currently, the FIND 7 know, as already mentioned, that will be equipped with 2K display, but also that will support the 4G LTE networks. According to our predictions, moreover, the phone will mount 3GB of RAM, CPU Snapdragon 800 and rear camera from 16 mega-pixel.

What do you think about it? What display will the Oppo FIND 7 mount? Let us know in the comments section!

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