Oppo R831T, a low-cost phone for Oppo Fans at 130 euro!

Oppo R831T

Oppo smartphones are generally sold at a slightly higher price than other devices on the market and the cheap Oppo R831T is no exception.

130 euros for an Oppo phone may sound like a bargain and the R831T is a decent smartphone, similar in style to the FIND 5. However, you have to be Oppo's irreducible fans to spend so much on this new entry-level device.
While Xiaomi and Huawei offer less for their low-cost quad-core processor and 720p displays, the Oppo R831T features a meager MT6572 dual-core chipset and only 512MB of RAM! In addition, the 4,5 inch display has a resolution of only 854 x 380 and the battery is 1900mAh alone. The phone mounts the excellent ColorOS ROM from Oppo, but at a similar price you can buy the Xiaomi Hongmi, the Huawei Honor 3C and many other excellent devices.


A telephone, therefore, only for the Oppo FANS?

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