OPEN THREAD: What are your favorite 5 apps?


The Google Play Store has so far more than 1 million apps to download, but much less we can try and even less that we use with everyday life. What we ask today is: What are your favorite 5 apps?

What are your favorite 5 apps?

Whether you have the latest smartphone available on the market or a slightly older one, do not worry because the Google App Store has it for everyone.

In this Open Thread we want to ask you what are your favorite apps; a way like any other to discover applications of which we probably ignored the existence or that we used in such a way as not to fully exploit its potential.
We are sure that most of us will use the same basic range (Social Network, News, etc.) but there will be some of them that could whet us.

As usual we will leave, with our 5 TOP app!

1. WeChat

150x150xwe-chat-150x150_png_pagespeed_ic_G0tLeEuUjtIn China, WeChat is the basic App of communication, but even outside of China it is taking a long step. WeChat is similar to WhatsApp and allows you to send messages, voice messages and photos to your friends.

In addition to standard messaging, WeChat can connect to QQ (the Asian equivalent of Microsoft Messenger) and has a "moments" feature through which users can share photos and thoughts with their friends.

There are also options for creating user groups.

Since WeChat was launched in Asia, almost everyone has abandoned standard messaging.

Download WeChat from the Google Play Store

2. Instagram

InstagramInstagram will surely be one of the Apps in your rankings. It's a very nice way to share photos with your friends and meet people with the same interests as you.

- Download Instagram from the Google Play Store

3. Ladder

LadderAccessing sites like Facebook and Youtube could be a problem in China unless you use a VPN. The trial version of Ladder offers 7 minutes of access to the VPN and once you have finished these 7 minutes you can log in again. To have constant connection you can also pay, but honestly there are free OpenVPN whose Interface Graphics and Speed ​​of connection, however, are worse.

Download Ladder from the Google Play Store

4. My Tracks

My TracksMy Tracks is very useful when cycling or jogging to record distance, speed and note every new place you go. My Tracks is also compatible with Google Drive, which further increases its potential.
- Download My Tracks from the Google Play Store

5. Maluuba

MaluubaAlthough many have Google Now installed, we do not think it is so reliable or fast and among other things, it does not allow you to make requests (open an App, etc.). Maluuba is a free App very similar to iOS's Siri. Voice recognition works great (apart from a few rare cases), open apps, send messages, notes… everything works great. The only flaw is that Maluuba does not answer the questions, but will probably be updated in the near future.

- Download Maluuba from the Google Play Store


What are your favorite 5 apps?
Now it's up to you guys! What are your favorite apps? (do not worry if they are not exactly 5) How do you use them? How do you evaluate them against competing apps?
We are really keen to see how many interesting App we can discover!
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