DISCOUNT: Xiaomi Hongmi and Power Bank at a SPECIAL PRICE for GizChina readers

Xiaomi Hongmi

Christmas is behind us, but there is always time for gifts. SpeMall's, among other things, is also a great offer: two of the hottest Xiaomi products of this 2013, the Xiaomi Hongmi and Xiaomi Power Bank, offered to a SPECIAL PRICE for GizChina readers.

The success of the Xiaomi Hongmi it is certainly not a mystery. The Xiaomi is a truly competitive entry-level device, which at a relatively small price offers specifications that make it compete on a par with many of the mid-range to date on the market.

Another product launched on the market this year by the Beijing-based company was the Xiaomi Power Bank from 10400 mAh, a cult object for the MIfan with enough energy to charge any smartphone and / or tablet.

For these Christmas holidays, SpeMall has launched a special offer valid only for readers of GizChina which includes both products, both Xiaomi Hongmi and Xiaomi Power Bank. The possibilities are 3:

Xiaomi Power Bank
Option A: includes Xiaomi Hongmi WCDMA and all accessories including charger, data cable etc. The price was 206.99 $ (about 150 €) but for GizChina readers it drops 15 $ up to 191.99 $ (about 139 €) with code GizxmasA

Option B: includes the Xiaomi Hongmi WCDMA with Flip Cover. The original tool was 221.98 $ (about 161 €) but for GizChina readers it is reduced to 196.98 $ (about 143 €) with code GizxmasB

Option C: includes Xiaomi Hongmi WCDMA and Xiaomi Power Bank from 10400 mAh. The original price was 241.89 $ (about 175 €) but for GizChina readers the discount is well 25 $. Final price of 216.89 $ (about 157 €) with code GizxmasC

- Xiaomi Hongmi
- Flip Cover for Xiaomi Hongmi
- Xiaomi Power Bank

PLEASE NOTE: SpeMall announces that currently Xiaomi Hongmi available is about 300 and that the offer is valid while stocks last. Also, we remind you that Xiaomi Hongmi can also be purchased on about 193 euro, with shipping, assistance and Italian warranty.

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