Oppo celebrates FIND 5's birthday with a FIND 7 teaser!

Oppo FIND 7

On the first anniversary of the launch of theOppo FIND 5, the Oppo releases a nice teaser on its next outgoing smartphone, theOppo FIND 7!

In addition to being the first 5 inch FULLHD phone on the market, the quad-core Oppo FIND 5 is still a great phone today that still records excellent sales levels. But sadly, even the big phones need to be replaced. Today on the Oppo Facebook page a teaser image of Find 7 has been published. This image shows the sun rising over the mountains, suggesting that the "dawn" of the new generation of Oppo phones is almost upon us.

Oppo has added hashtags to the image #find7 e #alwasyimproveso we wonder what improvements will the FIND 7 bring with it?
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