JiaYu S1 Snapdragon 600, the full review in Italian!

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

As already anticipated in the unboxing, GizChina.it presents you a new and incredible exclusive: the JiaYu S1, or the first smartphone made by JiaYu with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 from 1.7Ghz!

After a few days of intense testing and use, today I will talk more in detail about this incredible smartphone, kindly send to us from ejiayu.it in collaboration with Topresellerstore.it. We also remind you that the company has reserved a discount for our readers on all the products in the two stores, available on ejiayu.it with code GIZJIAYUIT and Topresellerstore.it with code GIZTOP!

Those who pursue "the novelty" at all costs, will probably turn up their noses a bit to discover that the JiaYu S1 mounts "only" the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset and not the last and most powerful Snapdragon 800 (the one of which it will be equipped with the Xiaomi Mi3). Well, although I too am a "fanatic of novelty" I can tell you that the JiaYu S1 is, like the Pantech A880s LTE-A, a device that satisfied me in full. In the following lines, we will see in a more specific way what I mean.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

JiaYu S1, the full review in Italian by GizChina.it

Features of the JiaYu S1

As already underlined in the postbox of unboxing, the JiaYu S1 incorporates the lines of its predecessor JiaYu G4, but with substantial improvements in the hardware sector. In addition to the presence of a display from 5 in. Sharp FULLHD 1920 x 1080, the phone mounts the highest performing quad-core chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 from 1.7 Ghz, but unfortunately, unlike the G4, support only one SIM Card.

The dimensions of the JiaYu S1 are of 138 x 69 x 9mm and the weight is of 173 grams including battery.

But let's see them complete specifications of the JiaYu S1

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JiaYu S1: Design

Among the various manufacturers of Chinese Android phones, JiaYu is probably the one that has always paid more attention to detail, creating smartphones with excellent materials and finishes. The solidity of the JiaYu S1 structure confirms this tradition of quality!

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

The JiaYu S1, in fact, has a steel base structure on which a display from 5 inch FULLHD OGS perfectly adheres to the front and in the rear a shell, not removable, made of "rubberized" shockproof material.

As already mentioned the finishes are excellent, without any type of construction imperfection. In short, handling the JiaYu S1 you have the impression of using a smartphone of absolutely superior level, equal to that of devices produced by the most famous brands such as Samsung, Apple, LG, etc.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

Although not at the JiaYu G5 levels, the overall dimensions of the S1 (138 x 69 x 9 mm), despite the 5 inch display, make it easy to use with one hand.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

Since the back shell is non-removable, the JiaYu S1 features an input tray for the microSIM (iPhone-style) on the left side of the phone. On the same side there are also the volume keys.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

In the front we find the 2 mega-pixel cameras (top) (on the right side) and the various sensors. On the upper edge, however, on the left side, there is the 3,5 jack for headphones.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

At the bottom edge, at the center of the body, we find the microUSB input.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

On the right side there is only the power button.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

At the back we find the camera from 13 mega-pixel and the LED flash, placed on the right side, and down the speaker.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

JiaYu S1: Display - 5 inches FULLHD Sharp

The display of the JiaYu S1 is a Sharp panel from 5 inches with FULLHD resolution 1920 x 1080. By now we are used to seeing FULLHD resolution phones, but the display that fits the S1 is absolutely above average.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

Exceptional sharpness and brightness at the TOP make the JiaYu S1 display the best panel I've ever seen. The only sore point (perhaps almost the only one in the whole review and not directly connected to the display) is the brightness sensor, not calibrated optimally. However, it is something about which it is easy to intervene in the modding phase.

JiaYu S1: performance and benchmark

Perhaps, considering the allocation of the Snapdragon 600, we should not be surprised to see the excellent performance and excellent benchmark results of the JiaYu S1. However, I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied that what was expected from this smartphone can be said to be fully respected. The score obtained on Antutu is well 25.439 points.

Exclusive: JiaYu S1 Snapdragon 600 Unboxing by GizChina.it

Benchmark Quadrant of the JiaYu S1

Also the result of the benchmark made with the Quadrant app is surprising: 11.963 points!

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

Benchmark Vellamo of the JiaYu S1

The two tests performed with the Vellamo app, HTML5 and METAL, have respectively scored a score of 2406 e 780 JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

Benchmark Nenamark2 of the JiaYu S1

The 60 fps obtained in the NenaMark2 test is also excellent.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

JiaYu S1 - Epic Citadel

The benchmark test result on Epic Citadel is from 59.1 FPS.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

JiaYu S1 - 3D Mark Benchmark

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it The scores measured with the 3D Mark Benchmark are as follows:

  • ICE STORM: Maxed out! (As for all the best performing devices!)

I also made a video game test with Real Racing 3, here she is:  

JiaYu S1 gaming Real Racing 3 by GizChina.it

JiaYu S1: Telephone part and 3G navigation 

The telephone reception of the JiaYu S1 is excellent, I have not detected any problem of loss of the signal or scarcity of the same. Excellent audio with both active "handsfree" and normal calls. Navigation in 3G is also excellent.

JiaYu S1: GPS navigation

The JiaYu S1 GPS is also excellent. No need to perform fixes before use and well-connected 10 satellites (on 20 in view) in just 4 seconds in a test performed with Gps Test!

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

JiaYu S1: WiFi reception

I tested WiFi reception by running the usual tests at the distance from the 2 meters, 5 meters and 7 meters in a different room (separated from the router by a wall very often). I have not detected problems with signal loss.

These are the results:

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it JiaYu S1: Bluetooth

As in other reviews, I tested the S1 bluetooth with the device installed in my car. All absolutely regular.

JiaYu S1: Quality of cameras

Both JiaYu S1 cameras are made by Sony. The back has a sensor from 13 mega-pixel, which allows you to make excellent shots in all situations of light. The only aspect that left me a bit 'puzzled is the current setting of the LED flash, perhaps too intense in some situations.

JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it
JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it
JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it The photos taken in low light conditions, except for the "problem" of the LED flash, are good. Here are some examples: JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it
JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it
JiaYu S1 review GizChina.it

JiaYu S1: Battery

A smartphone with a FULLHD display and a quad-core processor clocked by 1.7Ghz certainly requires a high-performance battery to guarantee good autonomy. Will "only" 2300 mAh be enough for JiaYu S1? It is one of the first questions I asked myself when I first read the specification sheet of this device.

Well, I have to say that despite everything, with a very intense use, however, I reached dinner time with a residual autonomy of 5%. This good autonomy most likely derives from the optimal resource management of the ROM created by JiaYu for its S1 and, within the characteristics of the same, from the very functional energy saving mode present by default on the phone.

To give you more precise references, also in this case I emphasize what I mean by intense use:

  • 3G always active (with 2 email accounts in push, whatsapp, facebook, hangouts, skype and twitter with active notifications);
  • WiFi surfing of around 3 hours;
  • GPS navigation of 45 minutes about;
  • bluetooth always active;
  • use of the camera to realize some of the photos of this review;
  • use the WordPress application to update GizChina.it.

Therefore, considering the only 2300 mAh, the battery life of the JiaYu S1 can be defined as excellent. However, after having made some reviews of devices with "limited" mAh batteries to a minimum, mainly due to the search for a lower thickness of the phones, I wonder why none of the Chinese phone companies have yet started a development program of batteries that are simultaneously "capacious" and "thin".

Have they already done it and are not yet aware of it? Well, I hope so!

Before the full video review, we review the unboxing video of the JiaYu S1

VIDEO: JiaYu S1 Snapdragon 600 Unboxing by GizChina.it

Here instead is the video of the complete review.

JiaYu S1 Snapdragon 600: Video Italian review by GizChina.it

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JiaYu S1: final Thoughts

In summarizing briefly what I think of the JiaYu S1 I will tell you, simply, that most likely this will be my next smartphone! The level of build quality, the high specifications and the exceptional performance absolutely convinced me!

I could not notice the differences between S1 and i TOP smartphone of the most famous brands like Samsung and LG and this speaks volumes about the extraordinary level reached by this device and, of course, also by the company that produces it, that is the JiaYu.

The two small "bugs" detected (the lazy light sensor and the too-fired "LED Flash") are both very simple to fix in the modding phase and we are sure that JiaYu will intervene immediately on these aspects with an update of the ROM.

For this reason alone, and waiting for the expected update by JiaYu, at the S1, from a scale from 1 to 10, I give a excellent 9!

Those interested in this device (or the others of the JiaYu line) will be able to buy it directly from Italy on the store ejiayu.it taking advantage of an exclusive discount through the GIZJIAYUIT discount code, reserved for GizChina.it readers!

I remind you that the smartphones bought on ejiayu.it they are shipped from Italy and enjoy 24 months of Italian assistance and warranty.
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