New GizRom for Zopo ZP980 / C2 and C3 - Marsapa V20


Christmas is just a few hours away and Marsapa could not fail to give you a new GizRom! So here is the new build of the Modder ROM of the same name, the Marsapa V20!

Below you will find the change log of this incredible work by the talented Modder, or a new one GizRom based on Android 4.2.2.

GizRom made in GizChina moddate from marsapa

Here are some screenshots of the new GizRom Marsapa V20.

gizrom marsapa v20

gizrom marsapa v20

Download the new one GizRom for Zopo Zp980 / C2 and C3 - Marsapa V20 for installation, refer to the instructions below.

Change Log Marsapa V20 ROM

  1. Android 4.2.2;
  2. Acer S510 port;
  3. UI float;
  4. multi windos;
  5. deodex;
  6. root;
  7. zipaling;
  8. ogbattery;
  9. xposed installer;
  10. gravitybox;
  11. gps config for europe;
  12. Perfectly functioning tethering;
  13. radio with rds;
  14. baseband of the 08.11.2013;
  15. sony walkman player;
  16. Viper4androidFx;
  17. and much more to discover.

NB la stock room it reaches up to 12 mega-pixel, so the APP has been included in the ROM Room mx, which reaches the mega-pixel 13. The softkey menu (three dashes) has 3 functions: with the "double tap" opens the classic menu, with just one tap the recent App and with the prolonged pressure the multiwindow flot menu.

If you want to use the sd to save photos, etc, enter settings / memories to flag sd and restart.

A heartfelt thanks to Paolothlw8 for the great contribution offered to the construction of the Roma that without its contribution would not even have started.


For theinstallation of the new Marsapa V20 GizRom you will need to do the following:

1. Install these USB driver on the PC with a connected phone;

2. Restart the device in recovery (if you have not installed it yet, use it Mobileuncle Tools). Here are the links to download the recovery:

Recovery for Zopo ZP980 / C2 / C3;

Recovery TWRP for Zopo ZP980 / C2 / C3.

3. Flashate the partition:

- For devices with 32GB memory this file;

- For devices with 16GB memory this file;

- For devices with 4GB memory this file;

4. Return to recovery and select "mount”And if it requires formatting, go ahead -;

5. Download the ROM zipped file and copy it into the phone's memory;

6. If you have not already done so run the root with eroot;

7. Once entered into recovery, perform the "wipe cache partition" and the "wipe data / factory reset" come on "Advanced"The"Wipe Dalvik Cache"(The menu items can be scrolled with the + and - keys and the selection is made using the power key);

8. Install the ROM by clicking "install Zip from SD card / choose zip from internal SD card"And choosing the file previously downloaded and copied to the phone's memory. After completing the installation operation select "Reboot System";

9. (This step is to be performed only by the owners of the Zopo C3) Flash via recovery the Boot file of the Zopo C3.

I remind you that for the execution of the Root and the update of the recovery you can always refer to this guide, but obviously using the appropriate files for your device!


To view all the GizRom made follow this link!

The Roma has the problem of the ghost Nvram network, to have better wifi reception and to eliminate the problem it is recommended to flash this file via recovery after the first start.

NB: The operations described on this page and in the linked ones must be carried out with extreme caution. Therefore, the author of the post declines any responsibility regarding consequences of various kinds.

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