FACEBOOK: "I don't like it" arrives [but only for Messenger!]


The "Like" button in the last few years has become much more than an option of the popular social network Facebook. The "Like" button has become an icon, a symbol, almost a way of being.
Post, comments, photos, videos ... if you like it click! Our liking translated into a thumb up.
Until now we were only allowed to express appreciation. Exactly, until now because Facebook has finally decided to insert the "I do not like“, Even if only on Facebook Messenger!

Although "I don't Like It" is not yet what we all dream of, Zuckenberg's move is a step forward.
The new sticker is included in the sticker-pack released this week as an update of the app; together with the new one thumb up, we will also find a hand with "swollen" thumb, another with a thumb "on fire", pokes and much more ...

The new sticker-pack can be downloaded directly from the Facebook Messenger chat session, both for PC and mobile.
Although we could not yet put the long-awaited "Non Mi piace" on states or photos, we could express all our disappointment to the friends who tell hogwash.
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