The project for the Xiaomi modular phone will be called Magic Cube

Xiaomi Magic Cube

We had just written that the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun had stated that his company was willing to make a modular phone similar to that of the "Ara Project" and now we can reveal the name of the project: "Magic Cube"!

As you can see from the images published on Weibo by Lei Jun, the Magic Cube project seems similar to that of Motorola. Rather than being based on a main frame on which the modules can be scrolled on themselves, the Magic Cube of Xiaomi uses colored blocks that can be used as Lego bricks. Each "brick" is a precise specification of the phone (RAM, CPU, Camera, Battery).

The idea behind the "Magic Cube" and, of course, the "Ara Project" is to create a fully customizable and upgradeable telephone in the future. It remains to be seen whether the concept will turn into an object launched on the market. Would you be interested in a modular phone?
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