From China spy photos of the first borderless phone: Vivo or Oppo?

borderless phone

Smartphone designers have many goals they hope to achieve in the coming months. One of these goals seems to be precisely to eliminate the edges of the displays of smartphones and here is a similar picture that shows something similar!

The photo leaked on Weibo shows a display of a smartphone that appears to be under development by 3 years. The photo is quite an excuse and it is difficult to see all the details, but what we can easily see is the extremely thin display frames.
What seems a bit 'wider than normal is the "chin" of the phone ... maybe the designers reducing the frames have had to necessarily stretch the device a bit down?
Other details are not known at the moment, but it is likely that this device will be launched next year and will be a high-end smartphone that will compete with the devices of brands such as Apple and Samsung.

What device will this mysterious phone without borders be? A new Vivo or the FIND 7? Or something else?

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