How to cut your SIM to get a Nano or Micro SIM card


With Christmas on the doorstep, many of us will surely be thinking about which smartphone or tablet they would like to see under the tree. As you know most of these devices do not use standard SIM, but do not worry, cutting them is a breeze!

Given the super specifications of Android devices including 1920 × 1080 Full-HD display, 8-core processors, 13 mega-pixel cameras, NFC etc. it is easy to get carried away by the energy of these new hardware, not paying attention to the type of SIM used.

Do not worry, however, you will not have to make the races to the operators of telephony operators to make you replace by doing annoying queues (very common in the Christmas period ...), just make a small adjustment to the SIM to make it work.

How to cut your SIM

If you take a look at a classic SIM, you will find that most of the material is plastic and the contact part is small. Even the smallest of the micro SIM has a bit of plastic here and there ...

You will need to pay close attention when you do this. Once you are ready, however, you can proceed.
You only have to decide whether to make your SIM, a Micro or a Nano SIM.

SIM cutter

The easiest way to cut your SIM is to use a SIM cutter. On the market they are easily available, even at fairly low prices and many times they are equipped with both the Nano and Micro SIM cuts.


Using a SIM cutter is simple, place your SIM in the slot, press down and you're done. The advantage of using a SIM cutter lies in the fact that the remaining material can be used as an adapter in case you need your old SIM again.


The cutter is the tool that most of us could use more (not everyone has a SIM cutter at home!).
As with the SIM cutter this method is useful because, if done with care, it will give you an adapter that could be useful in the future.


There are many models on the network that you can print and then apply on the SIM card, thus making precise cuts.


In the last resort you can also resort to a couple of more practical scissors. I have done so in the past and I have not found any problems.


If you have a Nano or Micro SIM to use, such as that of a friend's device, you could use it as a shape by cropping all around, or marking the outline and then proceed to cutting.
If you use a pair of scissors, you will probably need to make small adjustments to make it adhere properly.
But this means that you will not have any adapter ...

Cutting your SIM can be a bit boring, but patiently it can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Have you ever cut a SIM? If Yes, which method did you use? and above all, do you have any advice?
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