Odin, LG's 8-core processor emerges in the Antutu tests

LG Odin - Benchmark

After Samsung and Mediatek, LG also entered the field of 8-core processors. Their new chipset, renamed "Odin", recently appeared on the Antutu benchmarks with very interesting results.

This processor octa-core Odin he totaled well 27.184 points on Antutu, a result similar to the one recorded by the Samsung Exynos 5410. A result that leads us to think that even Odin is built on big.LITTLE architecture and that its 8-core do not enter into calculation all at once.
That said, however, it should be emphasized that the clock is relatively low, with a min and a maximum of 100Mhz and 1Ghz respectively.
The scores on Antutu could rise considerably if the clock was fixed at a higher level in the Odin version intended for commerce.

LG Odin - Benchmark
LG Odin - Benchmark
The Odin 8-core processor will be equipped with the 6 Power VR Series GPU, one of the most powerful we'll see on the smartphone in the 2014.
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