The Oppo FIND 7 will not have a display either from 5.7 "or from 7"!

Oppo FIND 7

L'Oppo FIND 7 it is on the horizon. The metaphor offered by the image of the last teaser published by the company seems to be very clear from this point of view: the launch is now imminent!

What we still do not have certain news about, are the official specifications of the new FIND 7 and, above all, what seems most interesting to Oppo fans is the display size of the new TOP RANGE of the house. There are those who talk about a display from 5.7 inches and who instead even goes so far as to hypothesize a tablet size of 7 inches, "Playing" with the imagination and the number included in the device name (FIND 7 = 7 inches as FIND 5 = 5 inches).

It was precisely to silence these unlikely mathematical equations and other suppositions Carl Pei, marketing manager of Oppo, who, through his profile of Google+, has denied the hypothesis according to which the Oppo FIND 7 will mount a display from 5.7 "or from 7".

Here is the original post by Carl Pei:

"Rest assured guys, the 7 Find will not have a 5.7" or 7 "display."


We at GizChina, in the our specifications of the Oppo FIND 7, we had already excluded the size from 5.7, betting on a size between the 5 and the 5.5 inches.

What to say then of the other specifications so far leaked? In your opinion, how big is the display of the new Oppo FIND 7? Please let us know by answering in the comments section!

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