10 Tips for Buying Chinese Android Phones from China

10 tips for buying Chinese android phones

The purchase of a smartphone from China certainly has many advantages, but it is not a risk-free operation! Follow our 10 tips before buying a Chinese Android phone to avoid potential problems!

Tips for choosing a Chinese Android phone

1. The search for the phone and the brand

Before sending money to the online retailer for your new Chinese Android phone, spend some time looking for your purchase. Check the specifications, make sure the design is exactly what you are looking for, check that it is neither too big nor too small for your needs. You basically get as much information as you can before buying, as it may be difficult to send the product back to the seller and get a refund.

- Take a look at the various manufacturers.

2. Read reviews:

In your research you certainly cannot overlook reading some reviews and observing the hands-on videos of the various phones you are evaluating. It is very useful to have a look at the phone "in someone's hands" before purchasing.

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3. Make sure the phone will work in your country:

Remember that Chinese phones are built to work with both WCDMA and TD-SCDMA networks (CDMA too, but that's one thing poco common). If you intend to use 3G on your smartphone then you need a WCDMA model and therefore, before purchasing, you should check that the WCDMA frequencies are compatible with those of your country.

- Find out what the TD-SCDMA is here.

4. Ask for advice:

If you have any doubts or need help in general, ask for advice. You can ask in the comments section of our various posts or in a forum like MTKforums.com. Don't rely on resellers as they will generally give you "convenience" answers.

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5. Read reviews and comments:

Before proceeding with the purchase of a Chinese Android phone, it will also be appropriate to read the reviews and comments regarding the online store from which you intend to purchase. The online Chinese stores have been known for years for their spamming activity on the forums, used to pass a better image of their business. For this reason it is very useful to participate, with comments and / or reviews, in discussions about online Chinese shops. This way you will help future buyers!

- Leave your comments and reviews on Chinese stores here.

6. Check the phone specifications once, twice, three times:

The Chinese online stores are also very well known for their little attention and accuracy in reporting the specifications of the phones offered for sale. Sometimes almost impossible information is widespread! For example, we have seen online Chinese stores claiming to have Mediatk's 4G LTE chipsets in stock, even though this chipset has not yet been produced!

7. Is the phone you want really available?

Another problem pointed out by many readers is that often you pay for a phone that, in reality, is not available (in pre-order not well publicized) or that even has not even been launched yet. In both cases it will be difficult to get a refund as the company once received the orders will use this money as capital to invest in the purchase of the phones. Read carefully the posts on the news sites such as GizChina.it to check if the phone you are interested in is really available on the market and, in doubt, ask by a comment.

Furthermore, you can contact us and keep up-to-date on the latest news on the following pages:

GizChina.it Facebook page;
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GizChina.it Google+ page;
YouTube channel of GizChina.it.

8. What described is really the phone shown in the picture?

Another common problem for retailers is showing fake phones as genuine. This is common in Chinese online stores that sell clones of iPhones and Samsung devices, yet consumers have become much more careful. Furthermore, in recent years, the "fashion" of cloning the devices of other emerging brands, such as Xiaomi and, specifically, recently the Xiaomi Hongmi has spread!

Shipping and payments

9. Shipping costs and customs fees

If the retailer you buy from is in China then it is very likely that, in addition to the already heavy shipping costs, you will have to pay expensive customs fees on your new Chinese Android phone. Some companies have warehouses in Europe or Italy such as those we regularly cooperate with, which avoids this problem, but you must check carefully before payment to avoid bad surprises. Also, use the best kind of shipping possible! It could be very expensive, but it is better to use a shipment with a tracking number so you can follow the movements of our package.

Based on these things just discussed, then consider whether to buy directly from China or to contact an Italian / European retailer.

10. Use PayPal

Once you find the phone of your dreams, you will have to proceed with the payment, but we recommend that you make it only if the retailer accepts PayPal! Paying directly into a bank account means that you will not have the right guarantee in case of disputes and / or scams. With PayPal you can make complaints in case of non-receipt and / or non-conformity of the product. If you are lucky you can get a full refund.

Finally, let's add another little piece of advice. If after purchase you are going to have fun in modding and / or want to make sure you keep your new smartphone up-to-date, have a look at our GizRom...

More suggestions?

These are our 10 tips for buying Chinese Android phones from China. Do you have any other useful tips or advice? If so, do not hesitate to write them down in the comments section below!
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