Zopo ZP700, score on Antutu X


Yesterday we showed you the first considerations and the first hands-on realized by Andi about this new smartphone by Zopo. Now let's see the test also performed with Antutu X. Here are the results!

Given the recent scandal on the falsification of the Antutu results, carried out by some major brands in the sector, Antutu has released the Antutu X version which, according to the filmmakers, should return results clean and more accurate, less any change or make-up.

By running Antutu Benchmark standard the Zopo ZP700 returned the 17068 score, a no doubt notable score for a smartphone equipped with an entry-level quad-core processor.

Zopo Zp700 - Score Antutu X

How will the Zopo ZP700 react to this test? Well, what can I say ... it has done even better, totaling the beauty of well 17557 points. Impressive, considering that it is powered by a Mediatek MT6582 quad-core processor from 1,3 Ghz and alone 1GB of RAM.

Does this Zopo ZP700 tickle you?
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