Flyme 3.1 update for Meizu MX3

Meizu MX3 review Italian

From the Meizu MX3, the smartphone powered by the Samsung Exynos 5 5410 Octa-core chipset, we have offered you, exclusively in Europe, a our review in italian.

About 3 weeks have passed since the review was published and today Meizu released the news of an update of the OS Flyme 3.0 to the Flyme 3.1 version.

The update solves the various bugs detected by users and adds some features that further improve the user experience. Here is an excerpt from the official Change Log:

Change Note:
New: Memory function of light perception so that auto adjusting the brightness is more intelligent;
Optimize: The accuracy of WiFi signal display;
Fix: Android signature vulnerability can improve system security;
Fix: WeChat recording delay;
Fix: Individual phone in standby can not be woken up;
Fix: WiFi occasional disconnection;
Fix: System occasional auto-restart;
Fix: HOME key difficultly up-sliding to unlock the screen in strong light condition;
Fix: Clicking the Home Key if it is inadvertently touching the screen will be recognized as "Return";
Fix: Blocking the distance sensor in the lock screen mode, the screen lights up if the email or SMS received;

Read the whole change note on the official Meizu website (page translated with google translate).

Here is the update procedure, directly from the official Meizu website:

  1. Once downloaded the "" file copy it to the phone memory, open "Documents" and click on firmware "" to update the firmware;
  2. During the system update do not turn off the phone;
  3. The system will restart automatically after the update;
  4. After starting, click on “Settings-> About” to verify that the correct firmware version is installed.

I recommend that you always back up your data before starting these operations.

NB: The operations described on this page must be carried out with extreme caution. Therefore, the author of this post declines any responsibility regarding consequences of various kinds.
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