Xiaomi MI3, ZTE Nubia Z5S

You have probably already heard of ZTE and maybe. unknowingly, you also have a device from this Chinese company at home (router, internet key, etc.). Despite this, the giant ZTE also wants to expand strongly on the smartphone market where it already boasts a fair number of devices, the last of which is the performing Nubiz Z5S. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is a relatively young company, which still does not have a stable market outside China but which, however, is seeing an incredible increase in its international reputation.
In this new post, the new big names in the industry face off in a specific challenge!


ZTE Nubia Z5S

As you would expect, both devices are equipped with 5 inch Full-HD displays draw. It is fair to say, however, that although the screens have the same size and resolution, the one mounted on Xiaomi MI3, however, is an ultra-sensitive panel that can be operated with both wet hands and gloves.
Objectively, the 5 inch displays are perfect, neither too cumbersome to use, nor too small to not exploit the video possibilities.

Processor, Battery, UI

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800

Also from this point of view the two devices are at the same level, both equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor from 2,3 Ghz (the Xiaomi MI3 also came out in the Nvidia Tegra 4 version for the Chinese market), to date the TOP on the market, both with 2GB of RAM. The difference in the management of this potential makes the operating system: MIUI Xiaomi is a heavily customized version of the stock Android while that of the ZTE Nubia Z5S is a very lightweight custom ROM.
As far as we are concerned, MIUI absolutely offers a safe, customizable and pleasant user experience.
The Xiaomi MI3, 3050 mAh against the 2300 mAh of ZTE Nubia Z5S is also imposed on the battery front.

Camera, internal memory

ZTE Nubia

Like any Chinese TOPGAM released on the market in the 2013, both MI3 and Nubia Z5S, they enjoy a rear sensor from 13 mega-pixel. On the front camera, the 5 mega-pixel version of Nubia Z5S goes to XMaxX's mega-pixel Xiaomi-phone.
Xiaomi has specified that the back sensor of his device is a Sony unit, while ZTE does not clarify anything but ensures that his camera will enjoy OIS (optical image stabilizer) and support for 4K videos.
On the storage front, Xiaomi MI3 will come in versions from 16 and 64GB while Nubia Z5S in those from 16 and 32GB.

Availability, etc.

ZTE Nubia

Here Xiaomi MI3 suffers; the only way for international users to buy it is to go through a reseller. ZTE, on the other hand, takes advantage of its international distribution network and will probably make its Nubia Z5S arrive on many hi-tech store shelves.
Connectivity is another important aspect to be assessed, especially for the extra-Chinese market. ZTE has released 4G LTE versions of its Z5S and Z5S Mini, Xiaomi MI3 can at most run on 3G network.


Xiaomi MI3

The MI3 in China costs 320 $ (about 241 €), while the ZTE Nubia Z5S about 330 $ (about 254 €). Obviously when they arrive on our market this will not be the price (especially for Xiaomi which to date does not have its own efficient sales channel abroad).

Xiaomi MI3 Vs. ZTE Nubia Z5S - Specifications

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Considering the factors above, which of the two TOP GAMMA would you buy? Which one excites you the most?
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