Mediatek plans to replace the NFC with its HOT KNOT


Just 3 days have passed since the days since launch of Mediatek's MT6592 8-core processor, the surprises, however, do not seem to be over. In fact, Mediatek has unveiled some details of its HOT KNOT, NFC's rival chip.

At the moment the NFC is not a low-priced technology which obviously can be equipped with all the devices. From this point Mediatek left to realize his HOT KNOT (whose official characteristics have not yet been revealed), a convenient system that, as leaked, should allow data transfer by simply touching the screen of two or more devices.

HOT KNOT is implemented in the new MT6592 8-core processor and therefore we could test its validity soon even though, being this a new technology, however lacking development support, we are curious to know if it really takes off!
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