Faea F2S: full review in italian


As we have already had the opportunity to repeat several times, FAEA is a new Chinese smartphone manufacturer that entered the market in 2013 with quality devices, at a good price and, above all, with NFC support.

After the official birth of FAEA Mobile Europe & Italy the company seems to have definitely started towards an expansion of its commercial horizons. Today we see an in-depth review of the new FAEA F2S, the company's top range!


FAEA Mobile Europe and Italy has sent us the current Top of the Range of its line, or a smartphone powered by the now well-known and racy processor Mediatek MT6589T from 1,5 Ghz, but, unfortunately, associated with "only" 1Gb of RAM.

The design of the FAEA F2S is very accurate and confirms the first impressions detected by Andi in its review: it looks like a smartphone with a higher cost than the actual one!

FAEA F2S - Features

As already mentioned, the FAEA F2S, as well as the other FAEA devices, included NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a technology that is slowly establishing itself among Chinese phones, but that you will still hardly find on phones with a price similar to that of FAEA F1, F2 and F2s!

In addition to NFC support, the FAEA F2S is equipped with a 5-inch Full-HD 1920 × 1080 display, 1,5 Ghz quad-core Mediatek chipset, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 5 mega-pixel front camera, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth, GPS, 16Gb of internal memory and 2300 mAh battery.

FAEA F2S - Complete specifications and comparison with the F2 Faea

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FAEA F2S - Design

In the various reviews we proposed, we noticed that most of the Chinese Android phones powered by the Mediatek MT6589 chipset are equipped with similar technical specifications. What may then be the reason for the choice in the jungle of the Chinese mobile offer could be the design of the device.


From this point of view, aesthetically speaking, the FAEA F2S is one of the best Android Chinese phones I've seen so far.

There are many contaminations in the design of the FAEA F2S, with similarities to the HTC device, Meizu and Apple, which together create a new line, I would call it "youth", and extremely elegant.


The back of the FAEA F2S, on the other hand, is not up to the rest of the phone. The design is much poorer and the surface is very subject to "getting dirty" with fingerprints.


The dimensions are 141 x 71 x 9.7 mm, definitely not the thinnest smartphone in the world, but thanks to the rounded and ergonomic shape of the back the visual effect is a relatively slim phone.

The frames that wrap the 5 inch Full-HD 1920 × 1080 display of the FAEA F2S are not as thin as, for example, those of the Zopo ZP980 / C2, but neither are they too wide.


On the front side, in addition to the display, we find the Home touch key, with the "back" and "menu" option keys at the sides (not backlit). Furthermore, the capacitive Home key acts as a notification "led".


One-handed use of the FAEA F2S is quite easy, thanks to its not excessive dimensions and the already mentioned ergonomics of the rear part.



Moreover, also the control buttons are positioned so as to be easily reachable once the device is gripped (power button on the right and volume management on the left)


FAEA F2SAt the top we find the 3.5mm jack for the earphones while in the lower one the microUSB port.


The back part, as already pointed out above, in addition to being less cured than the front one also has a red ring placed around the camera, perhaps a little tacky or too flashy.

As for the robustness of the device we must confirm what was detected by Andi: the FAEA F2S is not solid enough. The quality of the plastic with which it was made is excellent, but the assembly does not seem to be of the same level. In some moments, in fact, there are crunches coming from the plastic body.

However, the overall level is quite good and I do not feel that I can completely "reject" the FAEA F2S.

FAEA F2S - Display

The FAEA F2S display, as well as many other current Top Gamma Android Chinese phones, is a 5 inch OGS panel with FULLHD 1920 x 1080 resolution. The only difference that I could detect concerns blacks, a little 'more accentuated than usual.


The brightness is good even if the sensor needs better calibration.

The display is extremely sensitive, reacts well to touch and does not suffer from the ghost touch problems common to almost all Full-HD 1920 × 1080 displays used by Chinese Android devices. The fluidity is excellent, especially if you replace the stock launcher with Nova Launcher.

FAEA F2S Performance

The performance of the FAEA F2S seems to have improved a lot since the last firmware update.

FAEA F2S Antutu benchmark

This improvement is evidenced numerically by the score in the Antutu benchmark, which passes from the 14.622 detected by Andi in his review to the current 15.398 points.


The Vellamo benchmark scores were also excellent, with 1503 results in the 5 and 565 HTML tests in the Metal test.


In Quadrant the Faea F2S gets 4768 points.


The results of Nenamark 2 instead indicate an average of 32.7 fps.

As already done on other occasions, also in this case the benchmark was executed with 3D Mark to have a numerical data on the game performance of the FAEA F2S.


The F2s in the three tests performed reported the following scores:

ICE STORM: 3720;

In his review Andi had reported the impossibility to run the game Riptide GP2. We tried again with the new firmware. The results, as you can see from the video below, are quite good and still better than the previous ones.

VIDEO: FAEA F2S Riptide GP2 Gaming Test


The FAEA F2S has a 13 mega-pixel rear camera like most of the Android Top Gamma Chinese phones currently on the market.


The rendering of the photos is quite good, as is the reproduction of the colors. Of course we are not talking about a camera or the best smartphone to take photographs, but the shots are still average.



Color rendering is quite good even in cloudy conditions.


The flash reacts well, even in conditions of complete absence of light.


To get a better idea of ​​the shots, you can download the photos made with the FAEA F2s in the original format:

Video Performance

The video recording of the FAEA F2S is very stable in focusing. Here is a video sample.

FAEA F2S Video Sample 1080p

Battery life


Battery life is average, even in this case the latest firmware update has benefited the FAEA F2S. In fact, despite only 2300mAh of the battery, with intense use you can easily get to poco before dinner time (around 19.00pm).

As usual, I repeat what I mean by heavy use:

  • 3G always active (with 2 email accounts in push, whatsapp, facebook, hangouts, skype and twitter with active notifications);
  • WiFi navigation of about 3 half hour / 4 hours;
  • GPS navigation of 45 minutes about;
  • bluetooth always active;
  • use of the camera for the realization of the photos of this review;
  • use the WordPress application to update GizChina.it.



The connectivity compartment of the FAEA F2S did not show any problem or uncertainty. The NFC, Bluetooth, WIFI, and 3G connectivity work without any problem. An initial FIX was required for GPS, as well as most of the phones with Mediatek chipsets.


I agree with Andi when he says that the FAEA F2S is, from an aesthetic point of view, the best Mediatek phone this year. Its design is definitely at the Top, with the exception of the back of the phone, certainly improved.


What will need to be done is the quality of the assembly. With this I do not mean that the quality of the materials is not good, indeed. The plastics used are really good and very solid. What does not convince me are the creaks coming from the rear body.

Therefore, we are talking purely of a question of assembly and compactness of the elements. However, this is not enough to reject the FAEA F2S, which is still a great smartphone and above all it is a device with an excellent quality / price / price ratio.

It is not easy, in fact, to find a FULLHD phone, with NFC, only 239 euro. A nice 7 and 1 / 2 then to FAEA which showed however, in its first experience, to have great potential.

Thank you again Faea.eu for sending us the FAEA F2s for the review, remembering that if you are interested in this device or the others of the FAEA line you can buy it on the official store FAEA.eu taking advantage of an exclusive discount through the GIZFAEA discount code, reserved for you readers of GizChina!
I remind you that the smartphones bought on Faea.eu they are shipped from Europe and enjoy 12 months of European assistance and warranty.
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