Turnabout! The Xiaomi Hongmi 2 should have MT4 6588-core processor

Xiaomi Hongmi 2

Previously we talked about the possible use of Mediatek's 8-core processor for the new Xiaomi Hongmi 2, today a new news emerges that denies, at least for the moment, the previous one. The Xiaomi Hongmi 2 will not be equipped with the MT6592 octa-core processor but with the 4-core MT6588!

The news we gave you a few days ago, learned from the Chinese hi-tech blogs, talked about the probable use of the 8-core MT6592 chipset for the Xiaomi Hongmi of 2 generation. The new rumors arrived today, however, support a more likely use of the new XTEX-core chipset from Mediatek, MT4.


The MT6588 quad-core processor has not yet been launched, but the specifications have been made known and seem to predict the excellent performance!
The MT6588 is made with a 28nm HPMm production process and Cortex A7 architecture, with a clock frequency of 1,7 Ghz; the possible memory options are LDDR2 533Mhz and LDRR3 666mHz, the GPU is a 450Mhz Mali-4 MP600.

Certainly these rumors have not yet been confirmed by Xiaomi. But this MT6588 processor convinces us!
We can not wait for Chinese manufacturers to start using it.
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