The next generation Rockchip chipsets will use ARM V7 and ARM V8 architecture


Recently we have informed you of plans for the future of Chinese Rockchip, now we have more information about its next-generation processors.

The news was released today that the Chinese company producing Rockchip processors will be able to enjoy the benefits of the most advanced ARM architectures; the company will now have the use of ARM Cortex-A57, Cortex-A53, Cortex-A12 for the realization of the next range of chipsets, the RK32xx.

With a large market on the Asian tablet segment, Rockchip finally made its appearance on the international scene thanks to the launch of the HP Slate 7 tablet, equipped with the RK3066 dual-core processor.
Their current top chipset, the RK3188, continues to be the favorite of manufacturers and with the new RK32xx line, the company aims to increase its dominance in the market.
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