Boom! Xiaomi sells 200mila smartphones in less than 3 minutes

Xiaomi MI3

Today in almost the entire Asian continent the "is celebrated"Single day"And, to celebrate the event, Xiaomi has decided to set a sales day full of opportunities.

Even in China on this particular day many people celebrate their sentimental situation, while others spend money for dimenticare your solitude ...

To please its customers, Xiaomi has put up for sale 110 thousand Xiaomi MI3, 110 thousand Xiaomi MI2S, 110 thousand Xiaomi Hongmi and 50 thousand Android Box; the management of the sale was handled by the e-commerce site Tmall and not, as usually happens, by the Xiaomi site itself.

After not even 3 minutes, all the Xiaomi MI3 and Hongmi units are sold out, registering 17,5 million dollars for the Beijing house.

To date, this is a real record for Xiaomi, but we are sure it will be further refined when the Xiaomi MI3 vers will be launched in December. Snapdragon 800.
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