Is this the Oppo Find 7? No, it's the Oppo R829!

Oppo Find 7

UPDATE: We learned right now that the smartphone in the picture is actually the Oppo R829, a 4.5 inch with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor that will be sold in China for about 2000 yuan (about 240 €). It is not the Oppo Find 7 but it is still very interesting. 

Oppo today has published on the official Weibo page the image above giving rise to a few questions, of which the most important however it is "E 'quexto the future Oppo Find 7? "

We are sure that Oppo is already working to give a successor to the hugely popular Oppo Find 5… Is this the infamous Oppo Find 7? Well, if at this point we can't be sure if it really is the Oppo Find 7, we can tell you that at least the one in the picture is a device that will be launched.

The elegant back side with holographic finishes certainly makes it a TOPGAMMA, however necessary and not sufficient condition to be able to affirm that this is really the Oppo Find 7. If you look closely at the image then you will notice a standard (non-rotatable) camera with LED flash and a back with glass protection enclosed by an alloy finish along the entire perimeter of the device.

Even for the specifics so at the moment there is nothing concrete but, by making intelligent reasoning about the "bombs"Outputs and soon to be released (Gionee Elife E7 and Vivo Xplay 3S), we could hypothesize something: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, at least 2GB of RAM (more likely 3GB of RAM), 4G LTE connectivity and 2K 2560 × 1440 display ...

What is the image of you? Is the back side of a TOPGAM? Will it really be the 1 ° image of the future Oppo Find 7?
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