Review of the Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

The era of smart wearable technology is about to start and all Chinese start-ups seem to be willing to not miss this new business opportunity!
Below we see Andi's review of one of the first Android smartwatches, the Geak W1 smartwatch!

The start-up Geak launched at the beginning of the year a series of very interesting devices, including a phone powered by Mediatek chipset and one by Snapdragon 600, an NFC ring (to unlock the phone) and the Geak W1 smartwatch, of which today we will see a complete review.

Since the launch of the GXW W1 smartwatch already about 100.000 units have been destined to Chinese customers and the success of the device has been so great that Geak has launched new colors.

GX W1 SmartWatch specifications

The W1 Geak is built around a very low-power MIPS processor from 1Ghz with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of non-expandable memory. The display measures 1,55 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 that allows an excellent reading of information.

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

The W1 more than a "real" smartwatch is a device to be paired with a smartphone and that's why there is no support integrated to GSM, WCDMA and LTE, while it is instead supported the wireless connectivity 802.11 b / g / n, the Bluetooth 4.0 , FM radio, GPS and other various sensors.

Bluetooth is the most important element of W1 as it allows you to synchronize it to your Android smartphone (iOS support is coming), through the Geak app. Other details include a 320mAh battery, Android 4.1.1 and a completely waterproof body.

Design of the W1 Geak

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

Just look at the elegant and rather luxurious design of the leather-like Geak W1 package to understand Geak's "big" aspirations.

Inside the box we find the watch, with a small bag and the cables for charging / transferring data. Given the size of the Geak there is not enough space for a 3,5-inch jack for earphones. I detected problems connecting the Geak W1 to my Mac (it was not recharged), but this is probably a problem that will not be detected on Windows PCs.

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

A rubber strap is attached to the 1.55 inch display, exactly attached to the silver plastic body. The body has a very simple square design, with rounded corners and two buttons on the right side. These buttons are made of the same plastic material as the body and do not seem to be in line with the overall elegance of the device.

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

The high quality rubber strap attaches to the wrist as well as a very ordinary watch.

Features of the W1 Geak

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

The GX W1 is designed to be paired with your smartphone. Following the instructions on the screen you can download (using QR code) the Geak app for your smartphone and then you need to activate the bluethoot.

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch


Once the application is installed and the phone and the clock are connected via bluethoot you can rename the clock and set your profile, which can be done via the Geak's keyboard (if you have small hands) or also through that of your smartphone.

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch


From this moment on the Geak W1 will have access to the contacts on the phone and will be able to synchronize the SMS and e-mail messages from the phone. With the Geak W1 it will be possible to read the messages and even reply with preset messages that can be selected from a list.

Geak W1 Android SmartwatchIn theory you should also be able to answer phone calls directly with the watch, but I could not perform this function with my Xiaomi Mi2. Another useful feature that I could not make is the remote control of the camera, a pity because this could have been a very useful feature.

Geak W1 Conclusions

The GXX W1 is part of the first generation of Android SmartWatch and there is still plenty of room for improvement. In addition to the problem of answering calls and remote control of the camera, what is certainly missing is the connection to popular social-networking applications. The ability to control Facebook, Twitter, etc., would certainly have been one plus in favor of this smartwatch.

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

Another big problem is the fact that you can not install messaging application like WhatsApp.

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch

Then there is the question of price. The Geak is for sale at about 320 dollars (about 239 euro) in China, which is far too much for a smartwatch without 3G support and without the possibility of installing third-party applications, especially in view of the fact that other market will soon be launched smartwatch from GooPhone and Omate and that these devices will offer all these features.

In conclusion we can define the W1 a bold move. If marketed at half the current price and with support for third-party applications, the GX W1 would certainly have been the winner in this sector, but currently there is still a lot of work to do.
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