Xiaomi MI3 with Tegra 4 will be on sale from October 15, the Snapdragon version 800 is not yet in production!

The co-founder of Xiaomi Liwan Jiang has communicated through the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo (a cross between Facebook and Twitter) that the XIaomi MI3 version Nvidia Tegra 4 will be on sale starting from the 15 in October.

The news will cause a sigh of relief to many fans, many of them Chinese, who doubted the marketing of short devicea. According to the boss Xiaomi, however, only the version with Nvidia Tegra 4, or the TD-SCDMA model that only supports the 3G China Mobile.

Xiaomi MI3 - Snapdragon 800

The news spread is positive. However, many fans (especially those who vivono outside China) will be waiting for the WCDMA version with Snapdragon 800, compatible with European 3G networks… unfortunately the wait will be longer than expected!
The decision of this delay is due to Xiaomi's decision to by-pass the original version of the processor, the 8794, to adopt the updated 8794AB version, characterized by a better performance of the GPU.

When will the MI3 Snapdragon 800 be launched?

When will the version with Spadragon 800 be released? Good question!
At the moment there are no official announcements by the parent company, only rumors ...
Some rumors say that international customers will be able to buy it as early as the end of November, others instead at the beginning of 2014!

Xiaomi MITV

There are no official launch dates for smartTV either, but we will probably see it on the market as early as the end of the month.

What do you think of this decision by Xiaomi that caused an annoying delay? Will you be willing to wait a little longer to get your hands on the MI3 Snapdragon 800? or will you look around for something else?

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