Tegra 5 and Tegra 6, Nvidia reveals its future chipsets!

While many manufacturers are still struggling with supply problems for the 4 Socket Tegra, new details appear on the upcoming Nvidia, Tegra 5 and Tegra 6 chipsets.

From Apple's presentation of its A7 chip to 64bit, many processor manufacturers, including Mediatek e Allwinner, have decided to create their own Socket to 64bit. The fact that mobile devices can be sufficiently optimized to fully exploit this complex architecture does not seem to particularly worry the manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. As with any other topic, this has also triggered very conflicting opinions.

Nvidia is working on two new processors, whose codenames are "Parker" and "Logan". Tegra 6 (Parker) should adopt the new ARM v8 architecture to 64 bit for the processor (Project Denver), while for the GPU it will use Maxwell, the successor of Kepler will be used instead by Tegra 5 (Logan).
Do not expect, however, Android devices with these chipsets before next year!
According to the latest info, given the possibility of Nvidia to implement its chipset to the maximum, devices with Tegra 6 could even rival consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Tegra 5 (Logan), instead, should integrate a Cortex CPU A15, GPU Kepler and lithographic process at 20nm. Tegra 5 will also be the first Socket with graphics processor capable of supporting GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) functions, which allow to speed up many calculations thanks to the combined use of CPU-GPU power (CUDA 5.0 technology) ... A jump in significant advance in both power management and calculation.

We are really curious to see the reactions of Mediatek and Allwinner!

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