OmniROM - A new, open custom ROM for Android!

Some of the world's most famous developers including Chainfire, Xplodwild and Dees_Troy have come together to create a new project; give light to a new AfterMarket firmware (custom ROM) in order to make the Android operating system simpler and more open, OmniROM!

We have all followed the progress of CyanogenMod, by far the most popular AfterMarket firmware in the world, which to date supports, officially and unofficially, an innumerable series of devices. The creators of CyanogenMod have recently founded a company and have established forward a partnership contract with Oppo... all this has led to the release of some grooved pieces from the CM modding and the birth of a new promising ROM, OmniROM.

The ROM will be based on the Android version 4.3 JellyBean and will be available for: all devices of the Nexus series, OPPO Find 5, Xperia Z, Xperia Z Ultra.
Developers hope to rival the most popular ROMs including CyanogemMod itself, Paranoid Android, AOKP, etc.
There is also talk of a possible OmniIstaller app (similar to CM Istaller), which should allow personalization of the smartphone directly from your Android smartphone.

A series of features were also communicated that the new ROM should include:
- Reversible Quick Settings
- Roadrunner mode
- Multi-window
- Daydream improvements
- Integrated performance control
- Multi-workspace
- Possibility to change colors
- Phase Beam in 3D

An experiment without courage that of these developers. Will it be enough to convince users?

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