Nexus 5 appears (and disappears ...) on the Play Store for $ 349!

The next-generation Google smartphone, the Nexus 5, appeared briefly on the US Play Store ... at a price of 349 $ (about 256 €).

The rumors about the new Nexus 5 have been many, sometimes conflicting ... this time, however, considering that the source is just Google, the information that reaches us cannot be absolutely ignored. Today, for a very limited period, the Nexus 5 has appeared on the Play Store USA, the 16GB version for sale at 349 $ (about 256 €).

Il link the page doesn't work anymore but some screenshots have been saved and shared ... and now they are going around the world!

From one of the screenshots you can guess that probably Google has followed the path of "photography", below the image is in fact the description:


 Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. Starting at $ 349


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