New hands-on video of GooPhone i5C shows a new shortcut to change the theme!

GooPhone i5C

The GooPhone i5C is the clone of Apple's famous 5C model, made by the Chinese company GooPhone. In the following video you will see a simple shortcut to change the Theme.

At the price of 119.99 $ (about 88 €), the GooPhone i5C is not a simple alternative to the original IPhone 5C but a decent option to be evaluated for anyone who has to buy a smartphone and has a limited budget. In addition to being virtually identical on the design profile, GooPhone i5C runs a heavily customized version of Android that mimics the graphical interface of iOS 7.
GooPhone has also added a simple shortcut from the phone's dialer to change the Theme of its i5C so that it can match the color of the cover you want to show off.

Would you like to see new clones from GooPhone? or do you think that 'Chinese mobile industry is sufficiently mature not to imitate more smartphones and other people's design?

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