MIUI Bible, the "bible" that will clarify all doubts related to MIUI!

The absence of support information is a negative point for any user, regardless of the operating system used.
Since its inception, Xiaomi's MIUI ROM has grown a lot, a lot! Xiaomi is a company that in the last year has turnover more than 10 billions of dollars, its fame increases at a staggering rate and the international expansion is now only a matter of time!
Every day Xiaomi users multiply, thus increasing the number of users of the company's popular firmware, MIUI. Each of them is a potential source of new doubts and curiosities, and it is from these requirements that the MIUI Bible is born, in order to cope easily with these problems.

La MIUI Bible aims to solve users' problems by creating and maintaining (with weekly update) a list of all the apps contained within MIUI. To date, the MIUI Bible is still a "work in progress" but the curators assure it will be rolled out quickly, covering one app per week.
We think the idea works! Analysis and doubts of all kinds will be managed in a thorough and clean way in a single space, facilitating not poco users, so far forced to surf for hours on thousands of websites.

The interface is very nice, fast and above all intuitive. The topics are expanded by clicking on the headings (simplicity of use is important, especially when the "bible" will be more provided and the subheadings will increase ...), after which you will have detailed guides accompanied by informative texts and images on the issue that most interest.
As already mentioned, the editors will quickly increase the amount of info in the MIUI Bible, so ... if you don't want to miss anything on MIUI, check it out!

The MIUI Bible is available for consultation Thu.

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