Meizu MX3 full review in italian!

Meizu MX3 review Italian

The 2013 is coming to an end and will be remembered by everyone as a year of important changes and developments for Chinese telephony, thanks above all to the release of the first Quad-core chipset from Mediatek and the launch of TOP GAMMA smartphones on the market like the Xiaomi Mi3 , the Oppo N1 and the Meizu MX3, which we will discuss today in this full review!

Thanks to in fact, we have had the opportunity, in exclusive European, to review the new Meizu MX3, the powerful smartphone powered by the Octa-core processor Samsung Exynos 5 5410!
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Meizu - A bit of history


Le Meizu is already active in the 2003, but initially it was dedicated solely to the production of MP3 readers, produced with the care and skill to which, in the following years, the company has accustomed us.

meizu mp3 player

The adventure of Meizu Technology Co. Ltd. in the world of mobile telephony starts in 2007 with the announcement of the Meizu Mi8 MiniOne, a smartphone that, to tell the truth, had poco original, so much so that it was immediately baptized by the web as a "clone" of the first generation iPhone.

Meizu Mi8 MiniOne vs iPhone

But the story of Meizu as we know it today began about two years ago with the advent of the MX series of smartphones: the first, the Meizu MX precisely, announced at the end of 2011 and launched on the market in the early months of 2012, the second, the MX2, launched in November last year and, finally, the Meizu MX3 announced the 2 last September and today in our hands for an exclusive review!
Meizu MX3 review Italian

So here we are at the time of the review of the Meizu MX3, a device from the specifications and build quality from TOP GAMMA, but the relatively low price, when compared to the technical characteristics!

Meizu MX3 full review!

Characteristics of the Meizu MX3

The data sheet of the Meizu MX3 speaks clearly, nothing seems to have been left to chance by Meizu in the realization of their latest jewel. In fact, from the choice of the Samsung Exynos 5 5410 Octa-core chipset, to the 2GB of RAM, to the bright display Sharp FULLHD, the specific package of the Meizu MX3 promises sparks, candidate to be one of the best smartphone launched in the market in this 2013.

However, reading the specifications of the Meizu MX3 the only data on which one could dwell with a bit of perplexity regarding the 8 mega-pixel camera and only 2400mAh of the battery ... will they be enough to power such a "monster"? We will find out together in the course of the review!

Meizu MX3 exclusive

The dimensions of the Meizu MX3 are 71,9 x 139,9 x 9,1 mm and the weight is 143 grams including battery.

We see the complete specifications of the Meizu MX3

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Unboxing videos and first impressions on the Meizu MX3

Meizu MX3: Design

The design of the Meizu MX3 incorporates, modernizing them, the lines of the third generation iPhone. The plastic body is, in fact, wrapped in a metal frame that gives the device, at the same time, resistance and elegance, without compromising the general appearance.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

The Meizu MX3 is very simple to use with one hand, thanks above all to the very narrow display frames (2,9mm only) and to the rounded line of the back of the phone that allows an extremely easy and safe grip.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

In addition, they play a key role in the ease of use of the Meizu MX3 with one hand also (and, perhaps, above all!) Some interesting features of the new OS Flyme 3.0, such as the following:

  1. the possibility to activate the stand-by mode with the long press of the home touch button;
  2. the re-activation of the telephone from the stand-by by swipe-on on the home touch button;
  3. zoom in and out (for example, photos or web pages) by double tap on the display followed by finger movements up (zoom in) and down (zoom out);
  4. the possibility of increasing and / or decreasing the brightness of the display by prolonged pressure on the right side of the display followed by movements of the finger towards the other (brightness +) and down (brightness -).

The quality of the materials of the products is something that Meizu has invested since its debut in the world of mobile telephony. The Meizu MX3, with its extremely resistant plastics and metal structure, confirms this positive tradition!

At first glance the Meizu MX3 and, in particular, its rear shell, seems to be assembled in a "definitive" way, so that it cannot be disassembled by the user. That's enough poco but to realize that the SIM slot on the outside of the phone is absent and therefore it is necessary to remove it!

Meizu MX3 review Italian

The first time this operation is performed, it seems extremely complex and risky for the integrity of the phone. However, once executed several times, the removal of the back shell of the Meizu MX3 will become a routine operation (which, moreover, you will not have to repeat if not to replace the SIM!). To remove the shell and insert the SIM into the Meizu MX3, it is necessary to use the plastic pallet included in the package.

At the front we find the cameras (top) from 2 mega-pixel (on the right side), the various sensors.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

On the upper edge, on the right side, there is the 3,5 jack for the earphones and the power button on the left side.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

At the bottom we find the backlit Home touch key, which also acts as a notification light, and on the edge, at the center of the body, the microUSB connection.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

On the left side there are the volume keys + and -.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

On the right side there are no buttons.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

At the back we find the camera from 8 mega-pixel, placed in the center of the body and at the top with just under the LED flash.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

Under the shell there is a housing for the microSIM. Considering that the battery is not removable, it seems strange Meizu's choice to place the slot for microSIM inside the phone. Would not it be better to create an extractable iPhone-style tray?

Meizu MX3 review Italian

Meizu MX3: Display - 5.1 inches FULLHD

The stunning 5.1 inch FULLHD 1800 x 1080 display from the Meizu MX3 is protected by a Gorilla Glass. The Aspect Ratio of the display is 15: 9 and the 1000 contrast ratio: 1. The display is incredibly bright and extremely sharp images.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

The display operating space is sufficient to display the web pages in a "comfortable" way. In addition, the Meizu solution for the 2.0 Smart Bar is excellent, an option bar that only appears when it is needed, such as in application screens.

Meizu MX3: performance and benchmark 

The Meizu MX3 performances are also up to expectations. As expected from every TOP GAMMA smartphone, the Meizu MX3 also surpasses the 20.000 points Antutu abundantly and precisely reaches the 24.059 score!

Meizu MX3 review Italian

Benchmark Quadrant of the Meizu MX3

The result of the benchmark made with the Quadrant app is 7846 points.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

Benchmark Vellamo of the Meizu MX3

The two tests performed with the Vellamo app, HTML5 and METAL, have respectively scored a score of 1437 e 1064!

Meizu MX3 review Italian

Benchmark Nenamark2 of the Meizu MX3

The result of the NenaMark2 test is 59.5 fps.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

3DMark benchmark of the Meizu MX3

As with the other reviews, I also carried out the 3 tests of the 3DMark benchmark, the test dedicated to gaming performance. The results are as follows: ICE STORM Maxed out (as happened for the Pantech VEGA A880s, even with the Meizu MX3 it is necessary to run at least the ICE STORM EXTREME!); ICE STORM EXTREME 6578; ICE STORM UNLIMITED 9320.

Meizu MX3 review Italian

I also made a video game test with Real Racing 3, here it is:

Benchmark Epic Citadel of the Meizu MX3

The result of the Epic Citadel test is also excellent. The average is 58,5 fps. As already happened for the Pantech VEGA A880S, even in the case of Meizu MX3 the score on EPIC CITADEL is higher than the average of 58,3 fps achieved by the Samsung Galaxy S4!

Meizu MX3 review Italian

Meizu MX3: Telephone part and 3G navigation 

The telephone reception of the Meizu MX3 is excellent, superior even to that of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In fact, with my TIM SIM in some places where the Korean phablet reaches a "notch" at most, the Meizu MX3 has a reception of three "notches". Excellent audio on call and the volume of the external speaker with "handsfree" active.
Same talk for navigation in 3G, always fast and without any uncertainty.

Meizu MX3GPS navigation

The Meizu MX3 GPS is very powerful. The screenshot you see below reveals the use of well-known 8 satellites. The Fix is ​​very fast and precise and stable navigation.

Meizu MX3 review Italian GizChina.itMeizu MX3: WiFi reception

I tested WiFi reception by running tests at the distance from the 2 meter, 5 meters and 7 meters in a different room (separated from the router by a wall very often). I have not detected problems with signal loss. These are the results:

Meizu MX3: Bluethoot

The Meizu MX3 bluethoot works very well. Also in this case it was tested, with positive result, with the apparatus installed in my car.

Meizu MX3 bluethoot

Meizu MX3: Quality of cameras

The photographic part of the Meizu MX3 is probably the one that, together with the capacity of its battery, feeds the greater uncertainties of potential buyers. The rear camera of the Meizu MX3 has a sensor from "only" 8 mega-pixel, but as we could see from the shots, compared to those made with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, behaves very well.

As usual, you can download the original resolution photos here.


Meizu MX3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note2


As you can see the photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 compared to those taken with the Meizu MX3 have slightly more pronounced blacks.Meizu MX3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note2


In general, we can consider the photos taken with the two sibling devices.

We see other photos taken with the Meizu MX3.

Meizu MX3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note2

Photos in low light are good and the LED flash behaves well.

Meizu MX3

Even in dark conditions the shots are quite good

Meizu MX3

So what do you think of the Meizu MX3 camera? Do you still think that 8 mega-pixels are "few" or do you think the shots are good? Let us know leave a comment below!

Meizu MX3: Test video at 1080p

Good video recording, but as happened for it Zopo Zp990, also in this case in the video you can see some small "shot" here and there.

YouTube player

Meizu MX3: Battery

Meizu MX3 review Italian

The other big question mark in the Meizu MX3 hardware sector is related to its battery and only the 2400mAh from which it is composed. Well, with a very intense use (as usual summarized below) I managed to arrive at dinner time (around 20.30) with a residual autonomy of 10%.

Again in this case, I underline what I mean for intense use:

  • 3G always active (with 2 email accounts in push, whatsapp, facebook, hangouts, skype and twitter with active notifications);
  • WiFi browsing of approximately 3 hours and a half;
  • GPS navigation of 35 minutes about;
  • bluethoot always active;
  • use of the camera to realize some of the photos of this review;
  • use the WordPress application to update

So with regard to optimizing the use of the Meizu battery, and its Meizu MX3, they are promoted with flying colors. However, I do not understand why not to equip the phone with a larger battery (maybe optional), which could go against the needs of those who, for work or other, need a range that exceeds the day. Excellent, therefore, the optimization, but incomprehensible the choice not to use it to launch a phone with a greater than average autonomy.

Meizu MX3: Full review in Italian 

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Meizu MX3: final Thoughts

The Meizu MX3 is really an excellent smartphone. Despite the photographic quality / video is not comparable to that of the terminals of the manufacturers that pay more attention to these aspects (see Oppo with Oppo N1), I think it is sufficient for the needs of almost all users.

What impressed me most is the ease of use with one hand, despite the size of the 5.1 inch display. The Meizu with Flyme 3.0 has added some features that make the phone excellent from a usability point of view.

Meizu MX3 exclusive

The quality of the materials is, in my opinion, even superior to smartphones, such as my Samsung Galaxy Note. It is perceived only by contact.

The display is extremely bright and defined. The user experience for this is always very pleasant.

Finally, from a scale from 1 to 10 I feel I can give the Meizu MX3 a nice 9. For me it does not get to full marks just because it would have been appropriate for Meizu to play the card of a bigger battery. As already noted above, although the current one guarantees excellent "daily" autonomy, one wonders why not exploit this excellent optimization and make a smartphone autonomous, for example, two intense days?

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