Mediatek and Rockchip, agreement with ARM for the new Mali-T760 and Mali-T720 GPUs

ARM has just presented the two new Mali GPUs: Mali-T760, which will replace Mali 400 and Mali 450, and Mali-T670.

ARM Mali GPUs are certainly among the most used by the hi-tech industry for smartphones and tablets and therefore, the announcement of two new units with improved performance and greater energy savings is certainly an important news.

Both GPUs are units made with 28nm process and will allow ARM to reduce the size of the processing unit, improving speed. efficiency and inserting core shader.

Mali - T720
Mali - T720

Mali - T720 is the mid-range GPU that will replace the old Mali 400 and Mali 450, adopted by many smartphones and tablets now on the market.
ARM claims that this new GPU provides 150% more energy efficiency than the previous units, increasing performance up to 81.6 GFLOPS and a pixel fill rate of 4.8 Gpix / sec. ARM has added 8 shader unit to the GPU to make it compatible with OpenGL ES 3.0 and to provide better support for Android.

Mali - T760
Mali - T760

Mali - T760 is the topgamma of ARM GPUs and promises sensational performance. Compared to the current generation GPU, ARM claims that Mali - T760 will allow an improvement in efficiency of 400%, well 4 times higher, considerable also considering the use of 12 shader unit. The Mali-T760 will offer a 326.4GFLOPS performance and a pixel fillrate of 9.6 Gpix / sec.

ARM states that we will see these new GPUs only by the end of next year, adding that they have already signed agreements with chipset manufacturers such as Mediatek, Rockchip, etc.

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