Mediatek confirms the production of the LTE chip and the new Cortex A12


Mediatek wants to break every record and launch two new processors between the end of this year and the beginning of the new one: the LTE chip and the new Cortex-based processor A12!

The confirmation comes a few days after the agreement signed between Mediatek and ARM to use the ARM Cortex A50 44-bit architecture in the next generation chip, but unfortunately it is too late to add it to the current production cycle for the LTE chip. Instead Mediatek is looking at the low-end market for its new 4G LTE chip and is more concerned with pricing than its overall performance.

Although there is a Cortex-based A12 processor in the project, probably half the 2014 will be launched. This chip will boast up to 40% battery savings and improved support for big.LITTLE switching.
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