Here you are the 4 best clones of IPhone 5C!

The new and colorful iPhone by the house of Cupertino, IPhone 5C, is not enjoying the expected success ... From China then come devices with Android OS that could undoubtedly worsen the situation. What we offer today is a simple look at those smartphones that, to date, are competitors of Apple IPhone 5C only in the Asian country.

For the company of Tim Cook, the one that is about to end, it was a year of hard work culminating with the official event in which they were presented IPhone 5S and IPhone 5C.
The iPhone 5C was supposed to be the much vaunted low-cost version we've been waiting for but, with such a high price point and such high competition (especially in China) from models with level specs and competitive prices, sales haven't even caught up. remotely the expected figures.

Without considering the clones of IPhone 5C: same design, very similar hardware compartment (in some cases in line with the original!) And price starting from 120 $ (about 88 €).
What are the best, however? We have grouped the best 4 and tell you.

The best clones of IPhone 5C (with Android)

GooPhone 5C

Goophone is the queen in terms of clones! Since the launch of the iPhone 4, a copy of GooPhone was always around the corner ... This company has managed to market its clone ... before Apple did it!

The GooPhone i5c is available internationally through the recent site at the price of 119.99 $ (about 88 €).
Powered by the popular MT6589 from 1,2 Ghz and supported by 512MB of RAM, GooPhone i5C is a 4 inch device with 8GB of internal memory, 5 mega-pixel camera and Android operating system with iOS 7 style restyling.

No.1 5C

No.1 is another Chinese company known to make copies of Apple and Samsung devices. No.1 5C is their smartphone clone of IPhone 5C, and it's really very realistic!

The features stand out No.1 5C are the HD display, the sensor from 8 mega-pixel and RAM, which in this model is from 1GB.
There is still no official international distribution, but it is already born an English site of the company, and therefore marketing should be a matter of time.

CooPhone i5C

Like the i5C GooPhone, it will be easily available internationally. Despite the low price, this CooPhone i5C offers a 4-inch display FWVGA 854 × 480, 512MB of RAM, Mediatek MT6572 chipset, 16GB of internal memory and Android 4.2 JB operating system.

The low-profile specifications suggest a sale price of less than $ 100 (about 73 €).

Xiaocai C18

Xiaocai is definitely not known for its clones, but rather for its quad-core X9 or its CaiOS operating system.

The Xiaocai C18 is not really a clone; Xiaocai for its C18 starts from the IPhone 5C design and makes some changes.
The biggest of these is the redefined thickness of the body, which in the original version is 8.97 mm, while that of the C18 is reduced to 7.9 mm. Like the CooPhone, the Xiaocai C18 is also equipped with a 6572 Ghz MT1,2 dual-core chipset, 4-inch FWVGA 854 × 480 display but on the other hand, it has a mediocre 2 mega-pixel camera.

The C18 is available on a online e-commerce site at the price of 699 yuan, about 84 €

IPhone Clones 5C - Specifications
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What do you think of these clones? Stay glued because in the coming days we would propose a complete review of GooPhone i5C!

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