GizRom: ROM GizChina for Zopo Zp990, Zp980, C2 and C3 by Marsapa


Doing modding on your Chinese Android phone is a lot of fun and, above all, an operation that, although not always very simple, thanks to the various guides available online is almost within everyone's reach. Installing a new ROM allows, among other things, to improve the performance and customize the graphic appearance of your phone.

In a previous post we illustrated the installation procedure on the iOcean X7 Elite of a ROM porting of the MIUI V5, the famous graphical interface, based on Android, of the Xiaomi terminals. Not happy we decided to give you a gift: delle ROM "made in GizChina", moddate for you from Marsapa!

GizRom - GizChina Porting Rom

UPDATE: for Zopo ZP990 (but also for ZP980, C2 and C3) is available for download the GizChina ROM porting of the MIUI V5 ROM!

The project GizRom born from the desire to offer you, in addition to the "informative" support for Chinese Android phones, already present on, also the best "software" solution for devices that, from time to time, we will have the opportunity to test and that you maybe you decide to buy.

In this first "turn", thanks to the work, still in progress, Marsapa we have the opportunity to offer you 3 Porting ROM for each of the following Zopo devices: ZP990, ZP980, C2.
The 3 portings realized concern the famous interfaces Samsung S4 Touchwiz, Sony Xperia e Miui V5.

Waiting for the completion of the work, we have decided to leave to you the choice on which ROM to publish first. Here below, then, you will find a survey with which you can express your preference!

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You just have to vote and ... have a little 'patience! Keep following us!
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