Find your online store of trust with the GizChina Chinese Store Directory!

GizChina Chinese Store Directory

One of the biggest problems of those approaching the world of Chinese phones, phablets and tablets for the first time is related to the difficulty of finding a trusted store to buy from! For this reason we created the "GizChina Chinese Store Directory"!

This archive will be a resource for those customers who, interested in buying Chinese phones, phablets and Android tablets, are looking for safe and reliable stores.

The "Chinese Store Directory" with your comments and reviews

The directory has been set up to show basic information about e-commerce sites, including the company's web address, a brief description and the logo. However, the most important feature is the possibility, left to you readers, to be able to write their own comments about each store! These reviews will be accompanied by a final evaluation, which is a score that, added to those of other readers, will allow those interested in the store to discover the degree of trust attributable to it.

GizChina Chinese Store Directory

Each comment will be moderated in order to ensure that nobody tries to deceive the system and to avoid that a bad or vulgar language is not used.

The reviews will cover the level of service, the ability to answer questions, the speed of response and even the design of their website! Everything you believe could be useful to other online users!

GizChina Chinese Store Directory

The various stores will be encouraged to participate so that they will have the opportunity to view the critical issues and thus improve their service. The intention is also to reward the best shops at the end of each year with the "GizChina Award of Approval" (perhaps with a better name!).
The works are under way, we ask you to suggest the stores that are not listed yet!

As you can easily see, currently only 29 stores are listed, so feel free to send us your reports on the Chinese online stores to be added.

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