Exclusive: UMI Cross, Unboxing and first impressions!

We have spoken extensively about UMI Cross in the last period. We have provided you with any information leaked, from first rumors about design and specifications  up to last fotospia...
At the home base it was previewed EXCLUSIVE, and as usual the good Andi gives us his first and personal impressions!

It 's always nice to receive smartphones to review, it is even more so, when the smartphone to be analyzed is one of the "hot" ones, which makes a lot of talk about itself.
UMI Cross is the second device from UMI this year; take all the good stuff on UMI X2 and insert it into a Big Size 6.44 inch body with OGS FUll-HD 1920 × 1080 screen and 4180 mAh battery.

UMI Cross - Specifications

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UMI Cross - Unboxing video

UMI Cross has just arrived over our desk, so this is not a review ... it's a simple, but useful, Unboxing with first impressions attached. We want to underline immediately that, despite the presence on the back of the logo of the Aliyun operating system, the device arrived there does not execute this operating system.

UMI Cross - Photo

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UMI Cross - Prime

Honestly, we are surprised! Being able to prove it, we realized that it was built much better than other phablets we had the chance to test; quality of the materials taken care of and rigidity certainly reassuring.

The display is responsive and very bright, the camera seems to achieve great shots and the battery from 4180 mAh we hope can provide enough energy to keep the device active for as long as possible.

If we were to be picky, we could say that the illumination of the retro-illuminating capacitive buttons is not uniform (brighter in the lower part than in the upper part), that the frames are thicker than expected ... but still would be rather marginal aspects!

We are currently uploading videos and apps to the UMI Cross to evaluate their capacity under stress.
As soon as the weather conditions are a bit more favorable, we will analyze the goodness of the camera.

We want to thank you UMI e Antelife (e-store where you can buy the UMI Cross) for giving us the opportunity to make this first Unboxing!
Stay glued, the full review will arrive in a few days!

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