Cube Talk 9, Full-HD alternative to the iPad 5!

Apple's inefficient handling of the latest generation hardware has given domestic manufacturers a substantial advantage to produce similar Android devices and market them before iOS models are available on the market.

Ever since Tim Cook took over the Cupertino house, the IPhone and Ipad made have never been surprising. Last year IPhone 5 and this year IPhone 5S, 5C and IPad 5 were leaked before the launch, a bad strategy for Apple but great information for small Chinese producers who need inspiration for their products.

The Chinese Cube makes no difference. Taking inspiration from the latest version of IPad, he has created his new android tablet from 9 inches. The Cube Talk 9 is the eldest brother of the Talk 7, and just as the latter will be equipped with integrated 3G and support for voice calls.

Normally Chinese manufacturers produce excellent hardware compartments, economizing on the overall process but at the expense of display resolution ... This is not the case with Cube Talk 9, powered by 1,5 Ghz supported Mediatek quad-core chips supported by 1GB RAM, with battery from 5300 mAh and, mind you, display with Full-HD resolution 1920 × 1280 ...
Cube has not communicated the sale price, our sources suggest us a figure around 160 $ (about 118 €)

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