Cover, "the right app at the right time"

In the panorama of app launchers there are some that change according to the "situation", but lockscreen apps that work on the same principle are very rare. Cover it's one of these!

Cover, which is still in the private beta phase, should be available soon on the Play Store.
We could call it a "smart-lockscreen" which, installed on your device, based on a series of algorithms and in relation to the position, will present you with a series of apps that you will probably need.

You no longer have to rummage through screens full of apps to find what you are looking for. Cover "learns" where and when you use your apps and then inserts them into your lockscreen for easy access.

Not only will you be able to access your apps much faster, but you can also take a look at them without necessarily launching them, through a simple side swype (it reminds us a little of Flyme OS ...). Depending on your use (whether at work, rather than at home in front of the TV, etc.), Cover will modify the contents on your device independently and dynamically.

The basic idea of ​​the app works very well. We like it very much!
Here is a short video that visually explains the great potential of this lockscreen.

Cover - Video

Cover definitely will surely be installed on my smartphone. On yours? Let us know!

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