In China, cut the prices of 5C IPhone 83 €!

It is no secret that most of the Chinese market is not interested in buying the new IPhone 5C! Poor sales so far have forced major e-commerce sites to cut prices by over $ 114 (about € 84)., one of the largest e-commerce sites in China (owned by Alibaba and a sister site of Taobao) has cut the list price suggested by Apple of the new IPhone 5C for the Chinese market of about 84 €. The official stores and retailers of the Cupertino house sell the new jewel of Apple at the price of 702 $ (about 516 €), a price not much lower than that of the 5S version and that is leading consumers to orient themselves on the latter.

Sales are reporting so negative results that they have led retailers to lower their price up to 590 $ (around 434 €).
Even at this price, however, it will be very difficult for Chinese users to consider the possible purchase of the IPhone 5C since for much lower prices you can buy devices of Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo etc.

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